The Paralyzed Movement

Keynote Address


In 2015, Amanda’s fiancé, Todd, was in a serious accident that caused complete paralysis on the right side of his body. Although doctors gave little confidence of recovery, the whole family put faith in God’s promise that “he will be healed”. The miracle that transpired days following amazed them and their medical staff. But God didn’t stop there. God revealed to Amanda that Todd’s healing had a much bigger meaning and purpose: to help people overcome the mental paralysis in their lives. Through her own testimony and God’s Word, Amanda reveals to participants the power God has to heal the impossible in our lives.

1-Day Session/Retreats


Through lecture, group discussion and self-reflection, The Paralyzed Movement* workshop helps participants understand how to remove the paralyzing burdens from their lives and trust God to lead them down the path of freedom. Topics include:

  • Paralysis in the bible
  • Defining paralysis in God’s eyes
  • Choosing purpose over paralysis
  • Uncovering the paralysis in our lives
  • God’s blueprint for rehabilitating paralysis 
  • “God HAS It” process

Multi-Session Workshop


Following a similar format to the one-day workshop, a multi-day workshop series can be customized to meet the needs of the church, typically ranging from a 3 to 6-week period. This series format will allow participants to explore the deeper biblical messages on overcoming paralysis and identifying their God given purposes. This format also allows additional time for group exercises and self-reflection. This platform ensures another key objective of the MOVEMENT is met, ensuring that no woman is faces their struggles alone. The multi-day series truly fosters a community of women helping women and has a spiraling effect within the church community.